June 14

Math 10 Week #17

this week I learnt a new method of finding out coordinates, it’s called elimination

what elimination is, is it gives you 2 equations and from those equations you have to find out coordinates so the if you look at the picture you can see the equations I used and then you literally have to eliminate one of the terms, it is recommended that you use addition as much as possible seeing as it is easier to make mistakes with subtraction. Then once you have your single term, which for us is -3y=-33, you isolate for y and find the y coordinate. you take your newfound y coordinate which for us is 11 and you plug it in to one of the very original equations so for me I plugged it into 6x+y=-1 and now you’re trying to isolate x for the x coordinate which gave us -2 and so our coordinates are (-2,11)

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