May 15

Week 13 – Graphing Reciprocal Linear Functions

this week during math we learnt how to graph reciprocal linear and quadratic functions, in the picture above represented are 3 different ones. The first being linear the second being a simple quadratic function and the final being a more complex quadratic function.

the key to reciprocal functions is making sure you know exactly where your asymptotes are located and they will correspond with your interveniant numbers which are 1 and -1 and with your restrictions they represent where the hyperbolas will be located.

so for the first one x=3 and y=0 those will be our restrictions and the hyperbolas are set.

for the second one it’s more difficult because it’s a quadratic function but basically your asymptotes are what give you boundaries or sections and usually with a quadratic function it will be 6 sections as to which the parabola could be located in and simply which ever section the parabola is found in that’s where and which direction you draw the hyperbola the same goes for the bottom quadratic function


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