February 5

The Perfect Person

My view of a perfect person or male in this case would be that he would be in fit condition and is also intelligent with good hygiene. he would also be the nicest, most respectful human being so as not to insult or hurt anyone. To sum him up he would be best friend material.

February 3

my view on Kevin Kelly’s TED talk

Technology’s Epic Story

Radu Hurmuz


In Kevin Kelly’s TED talk he says that “technology has its own agenda… It wants to give us things, and what it gives us is basically progress”. I for one agree with this statement because technology truly is progress seeing as without technology we wouldn’t know what we know right now about anything really and if we didn’t have technology then it would take a pretty long time to get to where we are now with our knowledge. Technology aids us with just about everything from school to our everyday jobs and a lot of jobs rely on technology so again without technology we would have less options for jobs. Without technology food would be harder to make and heat would be harder to produce as well as relations with distant relatives would be harder to maintain because of the time it would take to send the messenger pigeon over and back. Everyday entertainment would not be as convenient anymore without television and computers for Netflix watching.