February 19

Week 3 – Absolute Value of a Real Number

this week we learned about an absolute value of a real number. What that entails is how far a number away is from the number zero and with absolute values it’s always going to be positive.

In the question I show above in the barriers of the absolute values I have 5-8 which normally would give -3 but since it is within the barriers of the absolute values that means it’s going to turn into a positive 3 giving us the answer to the equation which is 7

February 13

Week 2 – Infinite Geometric Series

what I learned this week in math is how to calculate the sum of infinite geometric series.

taking a look at the equation it says the sum of infinity equals the first number of your geometric series divided into 1 minus your common ratio for the series which is the term multiplied by the common ratio to give you the next term

so for this infinite geometric series the sum of all the numbers will come so close to the number 24 that it will basically equal 24

if the common ratio in an infinite geometric series is a decimal that means the series is converging and you can actually find a sum but if it isn’t a decimal then it is diverging which means you cannot find the sum