Float Your Boat Challenge

Float Your Boat Challenge

By Nicole Matonis

Group Members: Mario, Zach, Journee

Science 10 Block D

Problem: To build a boat that will float with the most pennies using only a limited amount of materials.

Hypothesis: Since marshmellows float we can put them under the boat and it should be light but small, then the boat will float with the most pennies.

Observations: 1) Picture of our boat before 2) Picture of our boat in the water before it drowned img_4879img_4880


How many pennies did your boat hold? Our boat held 9 pennies.

What was your thinking/reasoning behind the design of your boat? Our groups’ reasoning was that the smaller the boat was it’ll float more and the marshmellows on the inside would absorb water and help it float because marshmellows float and we thought they’d keep the boat sturdy.

What would you keep/change on your boat design if you were to do this again? If I were to do this again I would change EVERYTHING. I learned that the more surface area there is and having the marshmellows on the bottom of the boat would’ve made it float and hold more pennies.

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