Media and My Environmental Ethic

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This is an ad I often see on Instagram.  They are trying to sell these bracelets that with every purchase you take one pound of plastic from the ocean.  This affected my environmental ethic positively because, in my opinion, you get a cool looking bracelet and you save the ocean at the same time.  Although, this ad also affects my environmental ethic in a negative way because, to me, it doesn’t make sense to create more garbage/plastic in order to help save the ocean by removing garbage/plastic.  These bracelets are just as capable of ending up in our oceans and ecosystems as any other items.  So this ad isn’t accomplishing anything because I am just not going to purchase one of these bracelets because, they are expensive and I don’t really know if this is causing more harm then good.  Besides theres other ways to help our oceans/environments.


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