Monthly Archives: October 2016

I learned about LateX Coding

This week in math I learned about LateX coding. LateX coding is used for math and when I am for example posting on my blog instead of having 2/3 I can actually have a fraction by adding the proper code.  you can do this for exponents, mixed fractions, regular fractions, you can also change the color and size also this…

LateX Coding

Example 1: Exponents Example 2: Two digit exponents Example 3: Fractions Example 4: Change size Example 5: Adding trig functions (sin, cos, tan) Example 6: Example 7: Example 8: Change Text Color Example 9: Background change colour/ Highlight

My Career Compass To Becoming a Astronaut

Nicoles Project Why do you want to pursue this career? I would love to pursue this career because I always enjoy acceding the limits, I’m not okay with just the “normal”, I want to see what’s out there.  Everything else just seems boring to me. What are your short term goals? My short term goals are to graduate High-School, obviously…

What I Learned This Week In Math

This week in math I learned how to find the base area, surface area and the volume of a right triangular prism. In this example the height of the base of the triangle wasn’t given to us so we had to figure that out before we could discover the area of the base.  To find out the height I used…

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