Cascadia Subduction Zone Response

Question 1:

  • Plate boundary
  • Subduction zone
  • First nations stories
  • Mega earthquake which happened years ago
  • Trees and buildings falling down
  • The effected environments



  • If for example, they only had the evidence of the First Nations stories people would ask how reliable or true these stories are. Whereas when you have other pieces of evidence to back up the other ones, it all builds a stronger argument.  Or if you were only to have the falling of trees and buildings upon layers along the Washington coast, people could make up many other reasons as to why this happened. Therefore, all evidence back’s up each other, like teamwork.


Question 3:

  • I learned that a mega earthquake can affect areas that can be considered far from each other. For example, if a mega earthquake hit Vancouver it could reach to Seattle.  Which to me is a long ways away.

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