What Darwin Never Knew

After exploring the Galapagos islands many years ago, Charles Darwin made important discoveries that would change the world of science forever. His expedition found that there were several organisms that settled on different islands were the same animal, only they had their own unique characteristics. For example, birds known as finches have different beaks on each island. Darwin theorized that these beaks were tools for feeding on the resources that their specific island contained. Finches adapted to their certain environment, evidence of natural selection. Natural selection is when an organism changes to improve survival, but before the finches could have changed they would have had to have been the same bird. Darwin believed that every organism came from a common descent, meaning that animals that could look nothing alike would be related. There was no way of proving his theories at the time, until the discovery of DNA. The discovery of the macromolecule proved that animals do indeed evolve. DNA codes what we look like and who we are, whether we are a fish or a human. According to DNA and scientific research fish and humans have common ancestors. When an embryo, humans have the beginning of what seems to be gills. Over time the gill-ice structure turns into the small ears inside our ears. Diversity is made by mutation of the DNA, without mutation every organism would stay the same. This information has advanced scientific research very much and will hopefully lead to many new discoveries in the future.

DOAS Monologue

I am a woman who works hard to provide for my family, but gets nothing in return. I am treated like a servant, and for some reason, I put up with it. My support for Willy seems to be ineffective, and now I fight to keep him alive. No one helps me… help him. I know that I have potential and that I can be successful, but my life is spent in that house, where I am invisible. Family always comes first, but I never do.

Character Sketch – Two Fishermen

The character of Smitty from Two Fishermen, is described as a middle-aged man who very much enjoys to fish. He is a short in height, but is extremely friendly and has a huge heart. Though shy and quiet, he warms up to people pretty quick. Being a middle-class citizen, he lives a pretty comfortable life where is able to support his fishing hobby and his family. His wife and he have five children together and are very close; even though he has to travel a lot for his job. Every time he travels he says that he always looks for a river or lake to fish at and sometimes brings his wife along. Despite being a lovely person, he is often misunderstood and hated by everyone for his career. Smitty has worked as a hangman for a long time. While being a hangman is not a pleasant profession, Smitty sees past the work and understands that somebody has to do the job. The stress of the job may have caused Smitty to seek comfort in alcohol. His poison of choice is Scotch which he drinks by himself while alone.

Float Your Boat – Experiment


Make a boat that can float in water and hold the most amount of pennies.


Not having enough materials or buoyancy to hold the boat above water.

HYPOTHESIS: (Use an “If…then…”statement)

If the boat has equal weights on its sides and is not too heavy, then the buoyancy of the boat will increase and it will hold more pennies.

IDEA FOR ORIGINAL DESIGN: Insert image and write a description explaining your thinking/reasoning as to why you chose that particular design
We will cut the marshmallow in fours to create extra floating device and they will be stuck in the four corners of the boat. Then, we will fold the edges of the tin foil to create walls. Next we will tuck the straws into the walls of the boat to give better support to the walls. We will use the tape when it is needed.

Our Boat held 89 pennies

If I could change anything I would have made the sides much taller. The boat could have held lot more pennies but the sides were folded down too low.

Spoken Word – People

There are over 7 billion people in this world. All very different but they do have something in common; they’re human, they are awful!  and all do at least one thing that just grinds my gears. Whether someone post selfies on their Snapchat stories, pick their noses and stick it wherever they please or even text me k. the things people do just make me so annoyed and you say it’s human nature but do you think it very humane when I request to follow you on Instagram and you don’t sauce me a follow back… WE HAVE KNOWN EACH SINCE GRADE 3 IM NO STRANGER. What is a human? According to google a human is defined as, relating to, or characteristic of people or human beings. Well, excuse my google translated French, but that’s crap. Call me Bing but my definition of a human is as relating to, or characteristics of the most irritating animal on this earth. Alright, maybe I’m being a little harsh, but think about it and you have time to think about it, because you are walking behind someone who is walking so damn slow that you’re not even in class right now. When you eventually make it after 5 years make the decision to be a better person, be considerate of others, don’t eat with your mouth open, don’t act like gym class is the Olympics you know the usual. Oh and walk fast because 7 billion people have places to be.