Confederation Project Questions

  1. What colony did you represent?

I represented the Newfoundland colony.

  1. What did you feel were the biggest or most important issues for your colony?

Our biggest issues were transportation throughout the island colonies since we are nowhere near the other colonies. Also, we no longer have any trading routes due to British leaving us behind.

  1. What strategy did your group come up with to deal with those issues?

We made an agreement with the other colonies to make ferry system (which we pay the most for) we also have trading deals without the colonies that are made easier through our ferry system.

  1. Did you have to make any concessions during the negotiation phase?  If so, what agreements or concessions did you come up with?

During the negotiation phase we did not eat to have to pay anything for the railway but it was not going to work out that way so now we are paying 10%.

  1. Were you happy with the outcome of the confederation debates?

Yes, I feel like we got most of what we wanted and didn’t have to give up too much.

  1. What is one thing you wish had happened differently with the final results and why?

I still hoped that we would not have to pay anything for the railway but we can’t always get what we want.