Rain – English Poem Project



The rain is an unforgiving curse

Leaving its mark

Bringing loved ones home in a hearse

No one understands the rain

You’d like to go inside

But what’s the point? You’re already soaked

Besides, there’s no place where you could be dried

You’re submerged in the rain; there’s no coming out

It’s like being forced to play outside

But in the rain; all alone

There were others who played with pride

But their mama’s were calling them home, I suppose

I despise the rain

But others see its purpose

Driven by propaganda

It’s driving me insane

Even after the long, cold rain

After the sun finally shines

I can still feel the pain

It lingers; it’s running through my veins

No one understands the war

It brings the flags to half mass

Remembering those who have passed

The war is an unforgiving curse.



  1. Determine the subject of the poem

This poem is about the subject of war using the word rain for a visual effect. It addresses the historical issues of young people getting thrown into World War 1.


  1. Identify the poem’s narrator

The speaker is the narrator who is a young boy in the war. He is speaking to those who are at home and “don’t understand the war”. The boy is alone in a war zone writing while he still can.


  1. Note the diction (word choice) of the poet



  1. Determine the tone of the poem

The poem is very serious and sad. The words alone, pain, insane, despise etc. shows how the people in the war may have felt.


  1. Determine the rhythmical devices used by the poet

Each stanza in this poem is 4 lines. End rhyme is used often in this poem but not consistent enough to be considered to have a rhyme scheme.


  1. Note the use of other literary devices

This poem creates the allusion of the war not using the actual word “war” until the very end. Instead, the poet (me) uses the word rain almost comparing rain to war. This is also why the poem is called rain.


  1. Determine the values of the poem

I think that the poem does a good job in making the reader emotional and even though it’s not an inspirational poem (my bad) it makes the reader think.



The Metaphor Essay


            Everyone in this world is different and unique in their own way. In the story “The Metaphor” by Budge Wilson, Ms. Hancock and Charlotte’s Mother are very diverse people who are huge influences in Charlotte’s life. Whether it is the way they excel in life or even dress and carry themselves. They find a way to be complete and utter opposites. Despite their differences; they are somewhat similar in the way they leave a mark on Charlotte’s life.


Out of all genders women are definitely the strongest, most powerful. Woman all excel in different ways. Ms. Hancock tries to find the good in every student. She is very optimistic and want all of her students to succeed. Ms. Hancock states; “Of course I want it! Read it to all of us!” (Pg. 68).  Charlotte did not want to read her metaphor aloud but Ms. Hancock encouraged her to, revealing that she had a talent in making deep and beautiful ones. A teacher’s job is to inspire and motivate those who are learning. As for Charlotte’s Mom; she is a very outstanding and thriving business woman. Although she is a one-way street and only cares for her own success. Charlotte explains in her metaphor; “My mother is a flawless, modern building… Inside are business offices…” (Pg. 68). She is all about her work, her thoughts are always about her business. Being so concentrated in a job will definitely help in the success aspect, but as a mother, not so much.


Both Ms. Hancock and Charlotte’s mother have very distinctive styles but both reflect their personalities remarkably well. Ms. Hancock was very over the top and bright. Her clothes were described as “flamboyant as her nature” (Pg. 65). She was a very cheerful and lively person ad she dresses in that way. Charlotte’s Mother, on the other hand, was very plain and sophisticated. Her outfits were very put together and “her hair looked as though a hair dresser arrived at 6am to ready her for the morning” (Pg. 73). She was always in this attire and ready to take on the day at her job.


These two woman are huge influences in Charlotte’s life. Now some things she has been influenced by are not always ideal, but it has made Charlotte the person she is now. Ms. Hancock taught Charlotte that being different is great and “there is no need to feel funny about it” (Pg. 69). Expressing herself and showing her incredible talent is something she needed to do. Her mother showed her that hard work pays off in the end. Charlotte’s mother worked very hard and diligently to get where she is in her job. Charlotte can be just as flourishing if she puts her mind to it.


Charlotte is very lucky to have two strong women to look up to. Having different sides of personalities gives a more colourful look on life on how to excel in life. Although in life sometimes it is hard to figure out right from wrong, Charlotte just has to look at her elders in prospective to see which one is better to be like.

Analyzing Poetry – Nobody’s Perfect by Hannah Montana

Analyzing The Art


This song is about how no one in this world is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and that is ok because we are all human. This is a social and psychological phenomenon.


The narrator is Hannah Montana and she is singing towards the audience and her fans. She wants everyone to know that they might not be perfect but that doesn’t make them a bad person.


In the phrase, “stuck in quick sand” she is not actually stuck in quick sand but she is trying to emphasize that sometimes she feels stuck in situations.


This poem is very upbeat and encouraging. In the song title “Nobody’s Perfect” it explains that you can’t always get things right. Everyone in this world has made a mistake and just because you did doesn’t mean you should give up.


In this song there is a lot of end rhyme (aabbcc etc.) Also, the average amount of syllables is about 6.


The phrase “I’m patchin’ up the holes
But then it overflows” the singer uses a metaphor to explain that even when she tries to fix things she still gets overwhelmed sometimes.

The title “Nobody’s Perfect” really fits the song because it talks about mistakes and not giving up.


The song does a very good job of telling the story about how she makes mistakes. I know as the reader, I have made many mistakes in the past and that it’s ok. It is reassuring me that i can recover from my mistakes and do better next time.

“Nobody’s Perfect”

Everybody makes mistakes… Everybody has those days… 1 2 3 4!
Everybody makes mistakes… Everybody has those days… Everybody knows what what I’m talkin’ ’bout… Everybody gets that way… [x2]Sometimes I’m in a jam
I’ve gotta make a plan
It might be crazy
I do it anyway
No way to know for sure
I’ll figure out a cure
I’m patchin’ up the holes
But then it overflows
If I’m not doin’ to well
Why be so hard on my self?[Chorus]
Nobody’s Perfect!
I gotta work it!
Again and again ’til I get it right
Nobody’s Perfect!
You live and you learn it!
And if I mess it up sometimes…
Nobody’s perfectSometimes I work a scheme
But then it flips on me
Doesn’t turn out how I planned
get stuck in quick sand
No problem, can be solved
Once I get involved
I try to be delicate
Then crash right into it
My intentions are good
Sometimes just misunderstood


Nobody’s perfect!
I gotta work it!
I know in time I’ll find a way
Nobody’s perfect!

Sometimes I fix things up
And they fall apart again
Nobody’s perfect

I might mix things up
But I always get it right in the end

Next time you feel like… it’s just one of those days…
when you just can’t seem to win
If things don’t turn out the way you plan,
Don’t stay down! Try again! YEAH!

[Singing (x2)]
Everybody makes mistakes…..
everybody has those days…..
everybody knows what, what I’m talkin’ ’bout…….
everybody gets that way

Nobody’s Perfect!
I gotta work it!
Again and again ’til I get it right!
Nobody’s Perfect!
Ya live and ya learn it!
And if I mess it up sometimes…
Nobody’s Perfect!
I gotta work it!
I know in time I’ll find a way
Nobody’s Perfect.
Ya live and ya learn it!
‘Cause everybody makes mistakes
Nobody’s Perfect!
Nobody’s Perfect! No no! Nobody’s Perfect!

Should Sam Wear a Skirt?

Sam or Samantha?

           What does it take to succeed? To meet goals? In Stuart McLean’s book “Sam the Athlete” Sam would do just about anything to find a sport he is suitable for; even if it meant dressing like a girl. This would not have seemed like such a challenge If society didn’t make us conform to gender normalities. Sam shouldn’t have to second guess himself or change who he is to please others, he should be able to be himself without backlash. Sam is his own person and he should feel free to dress however he likes. As the story once stated, “Sam’s skirt was making him so happy, or, more to the point, he was happy when he was wearing the skirt.” People need happiness in their lives. There will always be people judging but they are not in Sam’s shoes, they do not even know what Sam could be going through. Life should not be lived wondering what if? What if Sam did not wear the skirt? Does it change who he is? In the end, Sam is Sam.