First People’s Principles of Learning


Interconnectedness is everything connected to something. Interconnectedness happens with people and animals and plants. Everything that is interconnected can relate to something in a completely different way. Being interconnected in a friendship is important because you two can connect on another level. A friendship that has lasted a great amount of time builds a connection that doesn’t need to be verbal to know what the other person is feeling or thinking. If you don’t have an interconnection in a friendship then it’s not that good of a friendship if you two can only connect in one way. The same thing goes for people in relationships.

Interconnectedness relates to the work we’ve done in ecology with the food chain or the food pyramid or food web. One animal eats the produce and then another animal eats the animal with the product and so on. With the water cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle and phosphorus cycle, they all go through a process that has something to do with interconnectedness. In the carbon cycle, the body of the dead animal has to decompose and then it gets transferred into the atmosphere by cellular respiration and then there’s photosynthesis and the animals eat the plants. The whole process starts up again and continues on. Every cycle is interconnected in different ways.

Some specific examples of how our work is connected with interconnectedness is the different cycles and the food chain.


Sustainability is being able to maintain a certain amount of balance between everything in your life and finding a place in the middle so that everything is equal to you. Being able to find an equal state of balance for yourself with what you do. Being able to manage the amount of pollution you put into the environment and recycling as much as you can to help keep the environment proper.

Sustainability is related to a lot of things we’ve done this term. It has given us ways we can reduce the amount of pollution by taking more public transit, or making houses with more natural light to save energy, or use more solar panels to create energy. All of that helps the environment and if everyone does it, it can help to whole world. With water, we learned ways we could save our water and try to conserve the water we have by taking 5 minute showers instead of 10 minutes showers. Being smart with how we use our water so we don’t have water restrictions.

Specific examples of sustainability is global warming because of all the greenhouse gases, it’s trapping the heat from the sun and melting the icebergs and we’re slowly loosing fresh water.

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