Garibaldi Lake Task

How much water does the Barrier contain behind it in the lake? If the Barrier faulted, what do you think would happen? How much water would escape and what kind of power is the escaping water equivalent to? The Barrier is a natural dam that holds back the water from Garibaldi Lake escaping and flooding […]


For my Random Act of Kindness, I thought it would be nice to send all my friends who are important to me a message letting them know I appreciate them being in my life. After every message, I noticed my friends seemed to be in a happier mood ¬†and it made their day getting a […]

DNA Model

The structure of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is made up of a long sequence of molecular components that makes a chain that resembles a twisted ladder. This chain has 4 different bases, (T) Thymine,(A) ¬†Adenine, (C) Cytosine and (G) Guanine and put together makes instructions for making a living organism. The bases T & A always […]