Tech Team DiVi Review

A) The DIVi builder makes it a lot easier for people to change the appearance of their blogs to the way they like it. As I was trying to customize the appearance and layout of my blog, they DiVi builder made it easier to find blogs that fall under peoples interests. The blog appearances were divided into different categories on the side and that makes it a lot easier for people to find the styles they like and it takes a lot less time trying to find one and scroll through them all.

D) I was using the DiVi builder to see how it would change my blog, and I did not want to actually change the appearance of my blog because I like how I did it from last year but I found using this a little confusing. The way it works is really confusing and there is not an explanation for how to use this app so I was really lost trying to edit my title and header etc.

E) I think this plugin can be used to help students organize the appearance of their blogs but I do not see how this can enhance student learning. I rarely use edublog, and a lot of classes do not really use edublog besides a few times to upload a projects or their homework. I would recommend this plugin to people who wants to be able to customize their appearance to their liking and for people who do you use edublog frequently.