The Friday Everything Changed

Liam Campbell                 Questions: The Friday Everything Changed                             April 5, 2017


  1. The boys want to continue to take the water bucket so they can have time of being out of the class, and they don’t want the girls to take that away from them.
  2. The boys try to bully them, and make them stop, they even excluded them from their softball games.

Elements of Fiction

  1. The person telling the story is a female who sits next to Alma Niles and isn’t the main protagonist of the story. She things Miss Raltson as admirable, and also doesn’t like the conflict, and believes the boys should let the girls do things. She believed Miss Raltson didn’t know about the conflict
  2. The setting seems to be post WWII, in a rural school with one room, in Ontario. They said that televisions are would come out in a few years, making that around the time of WWII, they mentioned that it was a one room school, and they talked about the Toronto Maple Leaf’s. They wouldn’t have that bad of gender inequality if it weren’t that time. Also, because they had to get the water bucket, that is also a cause of the conflict. The kind of person is Person VS Society
  3. The protagonist is Alma Niles because she was the one who asked the question and initiated the conflict.
  4. The question of “Why can’t the girls get the bucket” made the teacher think about it, and make them able to do so. Miss Raltson showed that the discussion is over, and the girls are equal to the boys.

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