Mitch feels invisible. Nobody can see him, nobody knows him, and nobody has tried to know him. He’s tried many times to make friends, but never had any luck. He feels helpless. He takes a walk around his city every morning to clear his mind, but some days it seems to only make it worse. Today, he decides that it’s best to stop trying. He stays home, not talking to anybody. He tries to call his family, but none of them pick up. He sits on his couch watching TV, but nothing seems to be on. It’s always the same thing. He decides to go have a nap instead, hoping to kill some time so he can try again tomorrow. He sits in his bed for hours, not able to fall asleep. He’s very tired. Even though it hasn’t been working, he remains in his bed for the rest of the day. He knows that nothing else would help him feel better.

He gets up the next morning, knowing that he can not do what he did yesterday. He had to get out of his house. He had to go somewhere peaceful. He puts his blue shoes on and walks out the door, making sure to lock it. He takes a fifteen-minute walk up to a large bridge. He comes here nearly every day and looks over the edge. Today was different. Today, he climbs onto the railing, and sits there for a bit. He doesn’t feel safe, but this doesn’t stop him. He sits there and thinks for what seems like hours. Every car that passed by interrupted his thoughts, but eventually they seemed to drown themselves out. Everything went completely silent, and he was alone. “You know you’re not alone.” Says a mysterious voice. Mitch looks around but doesn’t see anyone near him. “What?” he asks, not sure how to respond. “You’re not invisible. The only reason you think this is because of yourself.” It says. “Who are you?” Mitch asks in almost a whisper. “Do not worry about who I am. Think about yourself. Ask yourself these questions, and maybe you’ll find that you’ll break this shield blocking you out from the rest of the world.” It says. Mitch looks back over the bridge into the horizon. “I’ve tried that. It didn’t work.” He says. “Try again.” The voice disappears. All of the sounds surrounding him start to fade in again. Confused, Mitch looks back towards the street. “Hey, please get down from there.” Says a man that is looking at him from the sidewalk. Mitch takes a second and climbs off the railing and onto the road without saying anything. “Are you alright? What’s your name?” Asks the man. “My names Mitch. Why?” “I know what your intentions could have been. I was on the way to the coffee shop to get a coffee. Would you like to come with me?” The man asks. Mitch slowly nods, and the man gestures him to come with him. As they walk, Mitch slightly grins, knowing he has been seen.