Core Competencies Self Assessment – Math 10 Honours

Can God create a sandwich they wouldn’t be able to eat?


  • Would God even have to eat? No, because he’s God, and has infinite power.
  • Would God feel no hunger or fullness at all times? Probably, since he has infinite power, so, he wouldn’t need to eat to survive, nor would he not be able to eat.
  • Does God even feel emotions?
  • What would that sandwich be made of?
  •  Self-Assessment-CC-District-document-1lrb17t

Core Competencies – English 10

The Sway that I created was about my climb up Grouse Mountain. In that Sway presentation, I was able to talk about it calmly and clearly, and being able to talk about how those experiences taught me certain things. My presentation was very organized, and thought out. I can continue to develop my communication competency by practicing more with it. For developing ideas, I can either continue with an idea I have, and make it work, or think of something else if the first one doesn’t work. I can build on other people’s ideas and generate new ones with it, and use those to add to my project. Ways I can practice developing ideas, is by working harder on projects to find better ideas than others.