Mutation Story



Hello, I am an extra chromosome 21. I appeared from not separating into daughter cells, and then there was a normal chromosome, and then two that never divided. Eventually, we separated, and now there are three of us. Because of this, our host is not like a regular person. He has some problems with learning new things as fast as others. He also physically grows a lot slower than most people. The parents of my host are genetically normal, me appearing was mainly all by chance. My host is a nice person, though. He always tries what he can to complete his tasks. Unfortunately, there is no cure for him, so he will always have me and will always have the problems that he has. A lot of times, I’ve felt bad for my host. Because of the way he is, a lot of people sometimes avoid talking to him, and always say mean things about him, even though he’s still human and it wasn’t his fault for anything, but, he does have some good friends that help him out a lot. They would accept him for who he is and treats him like they do with everyone else. Sometimes, when he is put in group projects without his group of friends, his group would exclude him and not let him do any work. My host would also get bullied a lot, just because of his appearance. Sometimes, his friends would step in and stop them, and he would always thank them. The teachers would often allow my host to leave the class for a break, and he would go to a room and play fun educational games. After school, his parents would always encourage him to do more things that would help him. When he got out of school, he was no longer bullied, but a lot of people looked at him while he was walking outside. He eventually accepted that and ignored them. Eventually, he got a job and lived his life as himself, and almost everyone eventually accepted him for who he was.






  1. What questions did you need to research in order to create your mutation story?

I didn’t really research a lot of questions because the websites I used had more information that what I had asked, but they were “How does the extra chromosome 21 appear?” and “How does Down Syndrome affect a human?”

2. What new or familiar digital tools did you try to use as you worked through this project?

Well, I used Google… But I also decided to look at some other stories for other mutations to understand how the story should look like.

3. What was the process you used to investigate this topic?

Well, I struggled with another topic I tried, so I did research on some other ones and was more interested in writing this one, so I did more research until I had enough to write the story.

4. How did you verify and cite the information you found?

I verified the information I found by making sure other websites had the same answer, and they did.

I cited the information by linking all the websites below.

5. How did the process of completing this project go? What could you have done better?

The first topic I chose had almost nothing when I researched it, and I wasn’t able to get it done on time, but eventually, I managed to complete it with a different topic. I feel like I could have made the story a little longer, and I could have added more information about it. Also, the beginning of the story could have been better than just “Hello” But… It works…



The websites I used: