Innovation project – Collaboration reflection

Core Competency: Personal Responsibility skill I always advocated myself and my ideas, because whenever I had an idea or thought I would publicly share it with my group and back

Cancer story – esophageal cancer

    Part 1: I am a mutated cancer gene inside my host, John Smith’s body. I have caused my host to develop esophageal cancer, which is a cancerous tumour

DNA Model

Photos              Questions  Genes are segments of DNA and DNA strands form chromosomes. The licorice represents the sugar/phosphate backbone, the marshmallows represent the bases. A green

Lab: Observing Cells

Questions: a)  the animal cells look like circular blobs without much shape, you can see the cell wall under the microscope b) the plant cells look like interlocking rectangles, you

Solution Fluency – Holographic watch

DEFINE: Problem: Convenience, most people like to think that phones are really convenient, when really they could be a whole lot more convenient then they actually are, and a holographic

Static Electricity

The most important things we have learned about static: Why certain materials attract or repel each other. Like charges repel each other (e.g. negative and negative), opposite charges attract (e.g.