Year end reflection

I learned many things in this class that I will carry with me throughout my high school life. I learned how use a four square template to effortlessly write an essay, How to decode Shakespearean language, and how to create and answer an inquiry question. My fondest memory of English 9 is probably reading my […]

Innovation project – Collaboration reflection

Core Competency: Personal Responsibility skill I always advocated myself and my ideas, because whenever I had an idea or thought I would publicly share it with my group and back up my ideas. Working on this project, I always kept in mind that I was working towards change in myself and the world. I pushed […]

Cancer story – esophageal cancer

    Part 1: I am a mutated cancer gene inside my host, John Smith’s body. I have caused my host to develop esophageal cancer, which is a cancerous tumour that has formed in the esophagus. Doctors aren’t clear on what happened to me as a gene for this to happen. They are researching it […]

DNA Model

Photos              Questions  Genes are segments of DNA and DNA strands form chromosomes. The licorice represents the sugar/phosphate backbone, the marshmallows represent the bases. A green marshmallow represents Guanine, pink represents Cytosine, yellow represents Adenine, and orange represents Thyme. This activity helped me understand that if a certain part of the […]

Lab: Observing Cells

Questions: a)  the animal cells look like circular blobs without much shape, you can see the cell wall under the microscope b) the plant cells look like interlocking rectangles, you can see the cell walls under the microscope Plant cells have a more rectangular shape, while animal cells have a more round or irregular shape. […]

Solution Fluency – Holographic watch

DEFINE: Problem: Convenience, most people like to think that phones are really convenient, when really they could be a whole lot more convenient then they actually are, and a holographic watch solves that problem. The holographic watch solves this problem because for one, it’s smaller than a phone and you don’t have to remember to […]

Static Electricity

The most important things we have learned about static: Why certain materials attract or repel each other. Like charges repel each other (e.g. negative and negative), opposite charges attract (e.g. negative and positive), and neutral objects attract charged objects (e.g. neutral and positive). This is important to know because they are the basic laws of […]