Lab: Observing Cells


  1. a)  the animal cells look like circular blobs without much shape, you can see the cell wall under the microscope b) the plant cells look like interlocking rectangles, you can see the cell walls under the microscope
  2. Plant cells have a more rectangular shape, while animal cells have a more round or irregular shape.
  3. The animal cell is more translucent than the plant cell, so without the methylene blue we wouldn’t of been able to see the animal cells. We didn’t use it on the plant cells because they were purple, so they were easy to see
  4. We learned what animal and plant cells look like under a microscope, and how them under a microscope. If we had a more powerful microscope, then what would the cells look like with more detail? Would the experiment still work without water on the slide? I am curious as to why the cell wall is more rigid in the plant cells than in the animal cells.

Plant cells under microscope:

Animal cells under microscope:

Diagram sketch:

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