Multiculturalism in Canada This is an example of discrimination in Canada and someone being discouraged from maintaining their culture. This article records an event where a Muslim woman wearing a hijab was harassed on a bus by a man in Montreal in 2013. The man first told the woman to “remove her headscarf or return to her […]

Workplace Safety

To stay safe at work: I will ask my employers questions if I need clarification about something, or if I feel my training is insufficient. I will wear the proper clothing, or any specific items my employer tells me to wear for safety. If I’m not feeling well I won’t push myself to work, and […]

Perspectives of Canadian Identity I picked this resource because I believe that this is a very good depiction of what it means to be Canadian, and the struggles we have gone through, but have grown from. I agree with the author of the article, I feel she has covered a difficult topic with proficiency. I think this is […]

Week 17 in Math 10

This week in math we learned about substitution, an algebraic method of finding solutions for systems. So to start, when you are given a question with 2 different equations, you pick one of the equations and rearrange it so it is x= or y=. You then plug in, or ‘substitute’ this equation into the other equation […]

Week 15 in Math 10

This week in math we learned how to determine the y-intercept and slope of a line by its equation as long as it’s in slope-intercept form. So First off, slope-intercept form is y=mx + b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. So for example, if I gave you the equation y=6x+2, […]

Week 14 in Math 10

This week in math we learned how to calculate the slope of a graph. So first, the basic rule is slope=rise/run. To start, find the rise by finding the point at where the incline starts on the y-axis, then you would find the ending point of that slope on the same axis. Subtract the first […]

Week 13 in Math 10

This week in Math we learned how to find the x and y-intercepts using an equation. Some things to know: even if it doesn’t look like it, a pattern could have intercepts when it extends, and if there is a 0 in an ordered pair, that is an intercept. An x-intercept in an ordered pair […]