Canada 20th Century Conflicts

World War 1. 32 countries were involved in WW1, e.g. US, Germany, Russia, Italy, Britain, France, Canada, etc. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was an important event for Canadians because it united us as a country through the victory, the Hundred Days was also an important event because Canadians played a key role in the […]

Multiculturalism in Canada This is an example of discrimination in Canada and someone being discouraged from maintaining their culture. This article records an event where a Muslim woman wearing a hijab was harassed on a bus by a man in Montreal in 2013. The man first told the woman to “remove her headscarf or return to her […]

Perspectives of Canadian Identity I picked this resource because I believe that this is a very good depiction of what it means to be Canadian, and the struggles we have gone through, but have grown from. I agree with the author of the article, I feel she has covered a difficult topic with proficiency. I think this is […]