English 11 Reflections

In English 11 I learned about a lot of things that I didn’t think I would ever learn in a classroom environment. For example, we had an entire unit based on identities. We discussed what those identities meant and what it felt like to identify as such as well as conflicts that one might face […]

“The Journey of Identity”

Two things I’m proud of this essay would be my mechanics and my formatting. I think I did a very good job on proper grammar as well as sentence fluency, this helped my essay be easy to read and follow. I also think I did a good job on formatting, my sentences and paragraphs are […]

Design Thinking

Our group came up with a problem in today’s society: gender stereotypes. We wanted to bring awareness to gender stereotypes and the harm they do. Our solution to this problem was to make an ad to catch people’s attention and bring awareness to the problem. We then made a 3D model of our solution. Our […]

Identity Politics

Do you think Joseph Boyden should write stories about the Indigenous people of Canada? Why or why not? I think Boyden should write stories about the Indigenous people of Canada, as long as he does it respectfully and addresses real issues and topics the Indigenous community is/has faced. Even if he doesn’t have enough or […]

“A Way to Better Society”

Two things I did well on this essay would be how I expanded on my ideas and my sentence fluency. I think I expanded quite a lot on my topics and ideas in the essay and this aided in proving my point and making my essay very persuasive. My sentence fluency also makes it very […]

Beatty’s Lecture

Beatty blames technology, mass exploitation, and minority pressure as the cause for the current state of society in Fahrenheit 451 as well as the reason why books are burned. Beatty describes how books used to appeal to people, but then the population started rising and films and radio became the norm. Over time, books slowly […]