Canada 20th Century Conflicts
  1. World War 1. 32 countries were involved in WW1, e.g. US, Germany, Russia, Italy, Britain, France, Canada, etc. The Battle of Vimy Ridge was an important event for Canadians because it united us as a country through the victory, the Hundred Days was also an important event because Canadians played a key role in the series of battles which resulted in the German armies being defeated. Canadian servicemen casualties: 66,000, wounded: 170,000. The long term impacts of this war on Canada was us becoming more united as a country and other countries having a new view of the country.
  2. World War 2. Some major countries involved: Germany, Russia, Japan, US, Great Britain, Canada, China, France, etc. There were 47,000 Canadian casualties. Germany ended up surrendering to the allied powers. WW2 led to Canada shaping itself as a country and developing independence
  3. Cold War. Nations involved included the US, also their NATO allies and other allies and powers in the Eastern Bloc. Canada played a large role in peacekeeping between the US and the UN, acting as a middle man but also offering the US support. It is not clear how many casualties Canada suffered. The US and their allies won the war. Canada realised we couldn’t rely on Britain for protection, so we had to ally with the US for help when needed during future conflicts.
  4. Korean War. The main nations involved were North Korea and South Korea, although other countries sent reinforcement. There were no particular memorable or important events for Canada. 26,000 Canadians served in the Korean war, 516 casualties. Canadian troops remained for three years after the war as military observers.
  5. Vietnam War. The two main nations involved were Vietnam and America, but Canada played an important role in supporting America. Approx. 30,000 Canadian troops serviced during this war, although the numbers are unclear because of the lack of documentation. This number is about the same as the number of Americans who fled to Canada to escape the war. It is very unclear how many casualties Canada had, but some estimates are as high as 1,000. America ended up leaving Vietnam under an agreement made. Canadian troops returning back to Canada didn’t receive the same rights of American troops, e.g. to receive medical treatment in Canada, they had to fight for their rights.

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