Desmos Portrait 2018

I figured out what each function looked liked individually, and what looked most like each facial structure on my face. I would take an equation and modify it so it would go in a specific spot and place on the face. In my final end results I wasnt extremely happy with my result because I struggled very much on this task and found it quite tricky. I was happy with the eyes but couldnt figure iut how to do a second eyebrow. At the begining I did get help with the mouth from Angie, and had done the rest on my own. I think that this assignemnt did give me a better understanding on graphs and what a function is, and feel like it helped a lot.

Garibaldi lake task

If you take the average depth (119m) and the surface area (9940m²) and multiply the two together (119 x 9940² = 1182860m²). Then we need to convert the answer (1182860m²) and convert it into Liters to show the liquid value which would be 1182860000L, Garibaldi lakes shape is rigid and not an exact shape so if I were to make an estimation I would guess that it would be about 11750000000 Liters.

If the barrier were to collapse, a large amount of water would escape and would be very strong and dangerous, destroying many things. 1 cubic meter of water equals 1,000 kg and 2204.6 pounds of water. if we were to multiply that with the amount of water in the lake it would be equal to 1.8286·10¹² kg and 2.607733156·10¹² pounds.

One core competencies I used to complete this task was critical thinking. in order to solve the question, I needed to expand my thinking and analyze the situation. I had first tried to figure out an equation that would let me solve the question. then I had used certain websites to find the depth and surface area, finally to get an answer I converted it into liters and then made an estimation based off of my answer.

Surface Area of a Sphere OE2018

In this experiment, we were to cut an orange in half, hollow out the center of the orange and try to create circles on a piece of paper with bits of the orange. we ended up creating four circles and used the formula 4xΠr², this experiment taught me about the surface area of circular objects and what the circle would be like on a flat surface.



RAC post

To contribute to RAC week I had opened doors for strangers and I had cleaned up the house a bit for my mom and dad while they were at work, I did these things and didn’t expect anything in return. I noticed when I would do this random act of caring many people smiled and thanked me, it felt very nice to do an act that made somebody happy or feel better. I would definitely do this again and try and fit it into a daily routine, next time I might try and do something with a bigger impact, like pay for someone else’s meal. It showed me that I can make an impact by being kind, even if it is just a small act it still impacts somebody.

DNA model



Deoxyribonucleic acid otherwise known as DNA is stored in the nucleus of every cell, except for red blood cells, which lose their DNA as they grow. DNA chooses the genetics of individuals such as sex, appearance, and viruses. Humans inherit one set of 23 chromosomes from their mother and another set from their father. Females have two X chromosomes where as males have one X and one Y.