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RAC post

To contribute to RAC week I had opened doors for strangers and I had cleaned up the house a bit for my mom and dad while they were at work, I did these things and didn’t expect anything in return. I noticed when I would do this random act of caring many people smiled and thanked me, it felt very nice to do an act that made somebody happy or feel better. I would definitely do this again and try and fit it into a daily routine, next time I might try and do something with a bigger impact, like pay for someone else’s meal. It showed me that I can make an impact by being kind, even if it is just a small act it still impacts somebody.

DNA model



Deoxyribonucleic acid otherwise known as DNA is stored in the nucleus of every cell, except for red blood cells, which lose their DNA as they grow. DNA chooses the genetics of individuals such as sex, appearance, and viruses. Humans inherit one set of 23 chromosomes from their mother and another set from their father. Females have two X chromosomes where as males have one X and one Y.

What literature has taught me about the human condition


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Humanity has been struggling for years to understand that people are all equal, and for some reason, humanity just can’t figure out how to accept everyone. People are judged and mistreated for their race, beliefs, who they love, and even what they wear or who they hang out with. I bet every day so much discussion and racism occurs and many people feel unworthy or ashamed of who they are. Why can’t everyone be who they want, love who they wish, and love themselves? People are afraid of change so to accept something new, they treat “change” different than others and horribly. In Indian Horse, Saul had joined a professional hockey team and was the only First Nations boy on the team. The team treated him awful and less than other members. They feared change but by using racism and cruelty they caused Saul to change as a person. When in preschool we are told to treat others the way we wish to be treated, yet not everyone seems to listen. When we had watched the book thief families were taken from their homes, forced to leave everything and were killed. Liesel was just a little girl who had to conceal her identity to survive. Racism can lead to so many horrible things, for example in Indian Horse, Saul had become an alcoholic and it took him years to recover from the residential schools. It is cruel and unfair to judge someone just for their race and culture. Racism has affected many for years and unfortunately still does affect many.

The Book Thief Inquiry post


Question: How does one find beauty in times of hardships

Source: the Book Thief


In the movie, The Book Thief directed by Brian Percival, beauty and perseverance are used in hard times during the Holocaust. Wonder and happiness are found through literature and words despite the horrible conditions. Liesel was taken from her family and sent to live with foster parents, only because her mother was a communist. Liesel finds beauty in the most simplistic things. During the end of the movie Death says, “Sometimes people are beautiful not in looks, not in what they say but in who they are”. Despite how people look or say there are still good people in the world even if it is filled with hate there are always good people somewhere they just may be hidden or afraid. In one scene, Liesel was with her friend Max, a Jewish man who was staying with Liesel and her adoptive parents. Max missed the world outside the walls of the damp dark basement so Liesel brought the cold satin snow from the street outside into the basement. This is an example of Liesel finding astonishment in something as simple and dainty as snow. In another scene Liesel’s father said, “Words are life” he is meaning that words can be beautiful and are all around us and beauty can be found in almost anything. Liesel is very courageous and compassionate and pushes through hardships and struggles. She will go to any length to make those she cares for happy and always prevail friendship and love.


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food and you


A restaurant that feels like home!

East side Mario’s is a quant and welcoming restaurant that brings a piece of Italy and New York right here in British Colombia. The atmosphere is rustic and cozy with an Italian cultural design. Twinkling lights hang from the ceiling, creating a dim cozy room along with dancing shadows on the red and white checker patterned table clothes with a burning candlelit flame in the center. As soon as ushered through the broad glass doors, the overwhelming aroma of baked bread baking to a crisp fills my nostrils. The exceptional staff is very affectionate, agile and greeting with a whole-hearted smile. The restaurant has a warm ambiance radiating from the steamy kitchen along with pots and pans clashing and glasses clinking. The cold wooden chairs are a tad uncomfortable but worth it for the delicious cuisine. The linguini and mussles Alfredo is a favourite: the creamy basil-pesto sauce coats and cradles every noodle creating the perfect pillow for fragile, steamed mussels. Another exceptional dish is the spaghetti primavera, sautéed veggies made crisp in a pan with olive oil coating the tasty veggies, then sundried tomatoes are placed on top to give a pop of Flavour. Finally, the mangled noodles are coated in rich, heavenly pesto sauce. East side Mario’s gives their twist on Italian food in a New York style. And if your feeling up to a sweet tasty treat the pizza cookie gigantico is the delicious choice for you. It starts with a fresh baked gooey, soft centered classic chocolate chip cookie with delicately placed creamy vanilla ice cream arranged on top and finally drizzled with warm chocolate sauce coating the whole treat. The price is reasonable which makes it even better. The restaurant is always lively and erupting with positivity.  East Side Mario’s restaurant is just as excellent as the food!



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