Math weekly blog post #8

That week we learned about polynomial and how to expand and simplify. Polynomial is a equations with 1-4+ terms. In algebra, a letter that represents one or more numbers is called a variable, such as 2a-b+4 at called algebraic expressions.

to simplify 2x+3x+24, we combine like terms. In simple state it is 4x+24.

and that’s what we learn this week of how to solve polynomial expressions.

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Weekly Blog Post #7

What we did this week was Trigeometry. Trigeometry is about solving right angle tringles which is finding about the missing side or the angle point. which is always the variable. The way to solve is by sine,cosine,and tangent.

👍 to solve for the one on top you have to:

step 1: find missing angle or side(x) by labelling

step 2:solve for missing side by using SOH CAH TOA and I picked SOH for sin.

step 3: to solve for missing angle, you have to use inverse sine equation like above and transfer the sine to other side.

step 4: put in calculator to get answer!!!😎😎

👆for this one u have to find the missing side.

Step 1:label to find which needs to be solve

step 2: use SOH CAH TOA, for this you have to use TOA for tangent.

STEP 3: the variable is on the bottom, so you have to reciprocate or have variable on top.

step 4:devide to get answer!


☝🏼 for this one I had to find the missing side.

step 1: label  and find missing variable.

Step 2:SOH CAH TOA. I’m using CAH for cosine.

step 3: multiply to get answer!👏👏👏


this is is what and how to do Trigeometry.