CBL – EB Artifacts of Learning

  1. Media


This picture sums up our experience and makes a good title pic

This is a video from the leader of our group, Alhan, and it goes into detail and sums up what we did.

We made a prototype of a coil and magnets that was able to generate about .2 Volts.

2. A summary of how we addressed light poverty in the Dominican Republic

A.  Our experience started out in class when we decided to stick with the same group from our SSEP project. Alhan had a really good idea of making shake-able lights with magnets and kinetic energy. Once we had that idea we started to roll with it. We got the designs for the circuit about a week or 2 after we got the original idea, with a lot of help from Alhan’s father we were able to create a prototype that could generate about .2 volts. The magnets and coils is very trial and error so we haven’t yet been able to make a fully working circuit.

B. We connected with Alhan’s father and Mr. Brown for the magnets.

C. We made the blue prints and prototype for a magnet and coil circuit that we could use to generate electricity.

3. A summary of what you’ve learned so far.

A. The skills I’ve gained are having to be creative, learning to connect with others, and some leadership skills.

B. I feel that we have not yet met our goals but with time and work we could be done soon, and if not hopefully someone else could take over.

4. A debrief of the experience

A. The collaboration went well, I’ve never done something like this before so it was a new experience and felt like a good way to learn.

B. I think that getting my work load done on time is something I did well, and offering to help others in our group. I think I could improve on the way I handled some obstacles.

C. The whole CBL experience was really good, and taught me a lot more than a normal science class would. I learned a lot more about the outside world and it was a lot of work and felt like it was a lot more advanced then a normal science class.