Tech Team Reflection

What are some things you have learned and/or tasks you have accomplished the last several weeks? I completed a page for the newspaper about athletes from coquitlam secondary schools going to colleges. I made it in photoshop.

What aspects of your work are successful? Explain why. The successful part is in the outcome of the project because it looks really good and was made very easily using photoshop.

What aspects of your work is challenging? Explain why. Some of the challenging parts of the project was communication with the people who wanted it made, because it is hard for them to explain what they wanted me to do without showing any examples.

What steps did you take to overcome these challenges / what adjustments did you need to make? I would do what I thought they had wanted and then I would email them to see if it was the way they wanted it or not.

Is there anything you can do improve? I don’t think there is much I could do to improve the project because there is a limited amount of space.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions, as we move forward, that could help the Tech Team meet the needs of our school and staff? No I think it works well the way it is.


A) I used the plugins 3D rotating cloud, Calendar +, and Wiki

B)The strengths of the 3D rotating cloud is that it makes the Tags Cloud looks nicer, The calender adds a personal calender to my blog, and the Wiki allows me to make a wiki page from my blog.

C) The weaknesses are that only aside from appearance they have little use.

D) Yes, the Calender can be useful for students because it would allow them to be able to put in due dates of homework into their blog.

Tech Team Passion Project

A) My groups idea for the creation team is to create what ever teachers need us to make throughout the year.

B) Potential problems could be miscommunication between us and teachers, as well as too many projects in a very little amount of time.

Skills I need to do this project is for me to be good at programs like photoshop.

C)First we would get the project from the teacher of what they need, then we would do it, and then we would give it back to them.