Fractured Poetry BkC


Sentence :On a Friday night in summer my brother invited me to a Subaru meet in Burnaby.

Phrase: I kept driving.

Words: Summer, Subaru, Driving.

I chose the words because both driving and Subaru’s are a pretty big part of my identity and summer is when I got my Subaru.

The importance of this words tell me how I can use them in a poem to give the poem a deeper meaning.

From this exercise I can learn how to use an object as inspiration for a poem or a story.

3. Poem:


In my Subaru

Vroom Vroom

Driving in summer


English 11 Reflections

This year in English 11 I got a better understand of different identities. Coming into this semester I didn’t really believe in personal identity and didn’t really know what mine was, but after the identity unit I now realize that everyone has their own identity that they should be proud of.  A new skill I learned was how to use colons and semi colons in sentences. I did’t enjoy the Fahrenheit 451 unit too much as the book never really grabbed me and I often found it confusing to follow. I also found the movie Dead Poets Society to be a little bit boring but it was still worth the watch because the movie has a good meaning.

Synthesis Essay Corrections

2 things I am proud of:

I am proud of my introduction to my synthesis essay. I think that I had a strong thesis statement and provided a good amount of background information. I am also proud of how I compared the 2 sources because I feel like I showed their similarities well.

2 things I could improve:

I think that my conclusion was a little weak and my ending could be better. I think that I need to extend a go to a larger meaning a bit more. I also think that I need to improve my quote integration a bit more.

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Tech Team Year End Reflection

a) Describe your project. What did you do? How did you do 

My groups project was all about streaming school events like the spoken words. We also had to make an outline of how to stream stuff which was recently completed.

b) What problems did you run into? Were you able to solve these challenges? How did you solve these challenges? Is there anything you would do differently?

We ran into a few problems such as missing cables or issues with the camera. The Grade 9/10 of semester 2 spoken word wasn’t streamed due to these issues. We fixed these issues for the Grade 11/12 part of spoken words how ever. These issues were solved by charging the camera and gathering the missing cables. Differently I would like to have a checklist to fill out when ever we finish streaming events so that we don’t lose cables or anything important.

c)  What did you learn? Were you able to learn new skills or strengthen previous ones?

I didn’t learn anything new but I think I strengthened some of my skills with software such as the elgato one we used to stream.


Impact: How might your project positively impact the social and emotional well being of students/our school? What can be done to increase the impact of this idea on the school?

I think that streaming events has a massive impact on our school because it allows us to archive events as well as students or teachers being able to watch the events live.

Desirability: What could you change to make your project more desirable to students, teachers, administrators, parents or the community?

I think that making the stream more advertised would add some more desirability to it.

Integratability: What would you change to make this idea easier to integrate into a school setting?

I think to integrate the streams I would just advertise them more often to teachers or students.

Feasability: Looking back what would you change what would you keep?

Looking back I think I would keep majority of it because it worked out really well the last time we streamed.

e) What did you learn from being a part of this project?

I learned how to problem solve quickly and how to have patience with certain issues.

Persuasive Paragraph Corrections


2 things I did well.

I think that my arguments where strong and my citations were good.

2 things I want to improve on.

I think that it was a little short so I want to be able to make longer paragraphs. I also want to get better at proof reading because I had some mistakes that could easily be fixed with a proof read.

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Tech Team Innovation

What aspects of Tech Team are successful? Explain why.

I think that our individual groups are successful. Our social media team does a great job and is a massive part of Riverside. The stream team was able to stream the spoken words well. I’m excited to see what the wall team is doing. I haven’t seen much of what the creation team has done but I am sure that it is good.

What aspects of Tech Team are challenging? Explain why.

I think that the most challenging part of tech team is the blog posts. Some of the questions such as explaining your projects is difficult for certain teams because we don’t have big projects and just have little projects.

What support does our school need from the Tech Team moving forward? Explain why.

I think that we need to be able to deal with wifi issues a lot better moving forwards. I have experienced not being able to get on the wifi and it makes being in class a lot harder when you can’t open the teachers blog or one note.

What can we do to improve our support for our school?

Some form of training or tutorial for how to fix certain issues would help. I often find that when I am helping people it is more just trial and error then actually knowing how to fix the problem.



From my research I found that many tech teams have IT desks and often do teacher workshops to teach technology to teach the teachers with technology. I think that doing workshops would work really well at riverside because it would allow us to make sure all of our teachers are comfortable with technology, which would make learning easier.


Do you think Joseph Boyden should write stories about the Indigenous people of Canada? Why or why not?

I think that Joseph Boyden should be allowed to write stories about Indigenous people as long as they are fiction. I think this because people shouldn’t have limitations on what they want to write about as long as it isn’t hateful. I also think that people have the right to write about what ever they want to write about.

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Beatty Lecture

Captain Beatty gives several reasons as to the current state of society and why books are being destroyed. One of his main reasons had to do with how certain books would offend people. “Colored people don’t like Little Black Sambo. Burn it. White people don’t feel good about Uncle Tom’s cabin. Burn it. Some one’s written a book on tobacco and cancer of the lungs? The cigarette people are weeping.” P. 57, this quote shows how they found that no matter the book someone would find it offensive, whether it be a whole race that is offended or just a small group of people. Another reason that Beatty tells Montag is how there are less smart people coming out of school and more people who are athletic, this is happening so much that the word intellectual is considered offensive to some. Beatty also talks about how people who don’t know much in society are happy which means majority of people in society are blissfully ignorant. “You ask why to a lot of things and you wind up very unhappy indeed, if you keep at it. The poor girl’s better off dead.” P 58, this quote shows how Beatty and most likely most of society feels about things, they believe that knowing about things and having knowledge is bad because it can lead to feeling unhappy about life. Entertainment is also cut down and shortened so that people in this society can enjoy it a lot quicker which shows their constant need to fill and emptiness by quickly getting to the climax of movies or programs and results in a very bland life. Beatty gave many reasons as to the current state of society such as books being offensive, people being smart and knowing things makes them unhappy, and the society’s constant need for entertainment.

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