Workplace Safety

3 Things I will do to stay safe at work.

  1. I will always ask my employer if I am unsure of what I am doing.
  2. If there is every a workplace hazard I will inform my superior of the hazard and wait until they deal with it before working again.
  3. I will come to work with an unclouded mind so that I can focus on my work and not get injured.

2 things I will do to keep others safe at work

  1. I will make sure someone is aware of any workplace hazards that they don’t realize
  2. I will show others how to do something if they are unsure and I know how to do it.

Which story resonates the most with you?

I think Mark’s story resonates the most with me because he plays baseball and so do I and I would be crushed if I couldn’t play baseball because of something I could have prevented. Also my uncle runs a mill in squamish and he’s told me a story about something similar to that happening to someone before.

What can you learn from their workplace accident?

I can learn that I have the right to refuse to do unsafe work, and that it is best for me to ask questions if I am ever unsure, even if it makes me look dumb its best that I am safe.

Float your boat science – Josh

Our boat

2. The experiment was to see how many pennies could fit in a boat made from tinfoil, 2 toothpicks, 2 mini marshmellows, and a piece of tape

3. My hypothesis was that if the boat held the pennies in the center of the boat then it wouldn’t float because eventually it would just drag it down

4. We discovered that our boat had uneven weight and would tip over until we put pennies in. My hypothesis that if the boat held the pennies in the center then it would eventually sink because of the weight was supported. Once our boat got 12 pennies in it, it tipped a bit then sank. A couple of errors we made was when we tested the boat it had 2 marshmellows on it that fell off and we thought were unnecessary. An improvement we could do is  that we could time how long it lasted with the 11 pennies in it to see if it would have sank with that many in it as well.

Life is about experiences Josh Thompson & Sway

Life is about experiences: Baseball provincials

I awoke and instantly felt butterfly’s in my stomach. It wasn’t too early but I still felt like I could use another 2 hours of sleep. I crawled out of bed and made my way to my shower. I turned on the shower and got in, the water burned but it felt good on my aching muscles and creaking bones from my baseball practise from the night before. I finished up in the shower and looked at myself in the mirror and told myself that I was ready for provincials. I quickly ate my breakfast and then I put on my white pants, red jersey, and hat with the Poco Cardinals logo on it. I grabbed my bag and headed out to my car. As I stepped outside I admired how smoggy it was outside and how it made the sun pink. On the car ride to the field I was listening to my music in a futile attempt to calm my nerves. Before I knew it we had arrived at the field and that’s when it really hit me that this could be the biggest baseball event I will ever play in.  

As I stepped out of my car I instantly heard the sounds of parents cheering and baseball games being played. I could smell the concession as I walked past, the thought of eating a hotdog or getting some fries oddly calmed me. When I arrived at the dugout I was the 3rd person to arrive. I put on my cleats and instantly starting warming up. Before long the whole team had arrived and we were all in a line throwing. We saw a 7 feet tall monster warming up with the other team. We were convinced he was a coach until he started warming up pitching. We all were nervous after seeing him throw a couple of pitches at what looked like 90 miles per hour. After a while the umps called in the coaches and we got ready to play. As soon as I hit the dugout I put a piece of bubble gum in my mouth and was ready to go. Our coaches gave us a pep talk and told us it was ok to be nervous. I was up to bat 3rd so I put on my helmet and my gloves and got ready and started to time up the pitcher. Fortunately for us the 7 foot monster was only playing 1st base and didn’t look as threatening after he made a few mistakes. 

We had out best pitcher pitching so the game went by pretty fast and it was really uneventful. I didn’t have to much which was really nice because I was really nervous. By the time the last inning came around it was 5-4 for us and all we had to do was shut them down. Our pitcher had done it with ease and that was the first win for provincials. After the game a bunch of us had stuck around because there was a opening ceremony followed by a skills competition. I was exhausted but I still managed to make my way to the concession to buy some food. As I approached the front of the line I was met by the fragrance of french fries and grilled onions. I ordered fries and blue raspberry slushie, in an attempt to not get over heated. As I waited for my order I watched one of the other games being played, they were interesting but I wasn’t invested in watching them because the teams were in the other pool and we wouldn’t play them until play offs. After I got my food I went back and sat with my other team mates who had stuck around. After a bit of time had passed the rest of our team had began to show up again in time for the opening ceremonies. After the ceremonies there was a skill competition. The first part was a home run derby our teams power hitter, Scott Helmhold was up for our team. During the derby all I could hear was the pings from the bats, along with everyone going “ohhhh” and then “awww” when it didn’t make it as well as the occasional clapping and cheering when it went over. After that there was a rely and then a race around the bases. I was on the running team. I got ready to go as soon as my team mate came around and ran as hard as I could, as I rounded 2nd I felt something pop in my knee cap but I kept going because I didn’t want to let my team down. After everyone had finished, the host had announced that my team were the winners of the relay race. 

The day after the opening ceremonies we had the rest of our pool games on the following Saturday and Sunday. We were tied for 2nd in our pool but because of the rules we advanced to the playoffs. Our 1st playoff game was against a team from the island. It was a close game but we won it in the end due to a incredible grand slam from my team mate when we were down by 2. In the finals we met our rivals the team from Vancouver. Our team hated them because of their cocky attitudes and arrogant. Unfortunately we got blown out and the Vancouver team won due a walk off home run. As soon as I saw the hit my heart sank, and I was ready to break down and cry. Our team got our 2nd place medals, then we took some pictures, and finally our  coaches talked to us and congratulated us for such a great season. I grabbed my stuff said my goodbyes to my team mates and friends, and headed home looking forward to the off season. 

Tech Team Reflection

What are some things you have learned and/or tasks you have accomplished the last several weeks? I completed a page for the newspaper about athletes from coquitlam secondary schools going to colleges. I made it in photoshop.

What aspects of your work are successful? Explain why. The successful part is in the outcome of the project because it looks really good and was made very easily using photoshop.

What aspects of your work is challenging? Explain why. Some of the challenging parts of the project was communication with the people who wanted it made, because it is hard for them to explain what they wanted me to do without showing any examples.

What steps did you take to overcome these challenges / what adjustments did you need to make? I would do what I thought they had wanted and then I would email them to see if it was the way they wanted it or not.

Is there anything you can do improve? I don’t think there is much I could do to improve the project because there is a limited amount of space.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions, as we move forward, that could help the Tech Team meet the needs of our school and staff? No I think it works well the way it is.


A) I used the plugins 3D rotating cloud, Calendar +, and Wiki

B)The strengths of the 3D rotating cloud is that it makes the Tags Cloud looks nicer, The calender adds a personal calender to my blog, and the Wiki allows me to make a wiki page from my blog.

C) The weaknesses are that only aside from appearance they have little use.

D) Yes, the Calender can be useful for students because it would allow them to be able to put in due dates of homework into their blog.

Tech Team Passion Project

A) My groups idea for the creation team is to create what ever teachers need us to make throughout the year.

B) Potential problems could be miscommunication between us and teachers, as well as too many projects in a very little amount of time.

Skills I need to do this project is for me to be good at programs like photoshop.

C)First we would get the project from the teacher of what they need, then we would do it, and then we would give it back to them.