Making Babies

1.  Include a drawing of your child with as much detail as possible.

2. Include a short description of the traits your child has.

Square face, prominent round chin, curly hair, light brown skin, brown eyes average mouth, pointed nose, round nostrils, and freckles

3. Answer the following questions:

How does the coin flip relate to the probability of inheriting genetic conditions? Because there is a 50% chance you get a trait from the father and a 50% chance of  getting a trait from the mother

How does this simulation accurately represent or not represent real life?

This inaccurately represents real life because it was random traits and unreflective of how in real life the baby would have the traits of the parents.

Did you identify any prejudices you might have about what traits you find “desirable”? Where do you think these prejudices come from?

Yes, I think a lot of these came from what looked well with other traits and whether it made the baby ugly or not.

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