Right & Wrong

Scrapbook Page 3 DUE (please place in your folder) Students absent on Friday must complete Buddy Journal entry. Worksheet Review: VALUES Values article share: what was your article about and how did it represent some sort of value? Right & Wrong: right-and-wrong-student-worksheet right-and-wrong

Values Intro

Use the Relationships and Family Living text to complete the Values Chapter 5 Worksheet. values You must be able to summarize and article (verbally) and share a value that is represented within the story for next Tuesday. Buddy Prep: Cleo and Chelsea

Family Quiz

Family Quiz (mark in class) Finish Everybody’s Fine. Discussion: What message do you think this movie is trying to portray? How is your level of communication with your parents? Does this movie make you reconsider it? Would you make any changes? Is there anyone in your own family who you could see ending up in … [Read more…]