Share information from Parent Interview in small groups.  Be prepared to share one statement (most interesting, funniest, most insightful, most memorable) with the entire class. THREE TASKS OF PARENTING Making Decisions About Parenthood making-decisions-about-parenthood-fib-online-form find-the-keys-to-good-parenting-online-form    

Scrapbook Page 1

Complete Buddy Journal. Please work on your first official scrapbook page today (does not include your title page). Your completed page should have a title, visual, and a written component. Be prepared to show it at the end of class for your social responsibility mark.  

Parenting: Gender Roles

Bill of Rights Due – 4 – Unicef Child’s Rights-1fr0hz8 DIVIDING TASKS OF PARENTHOOD-xo8pv6 Discussion Video “Only a Man Can Do It”: Parent Interview: Due on Monday Parent Interview Online Form-17exzjj

Siblings & Birth Order

Today we will look at typical personality patterns that exist in relation to birth order. birth-order birth-order-online-form Use the Relationships and Family Living text to complete the following: chapt-12-act-1-crossword chapt-12-act-3-worksheet-online-form BUDDY PREP: Kianna & Savannah