Teen Mom Prep

Buddy Journals Complete the package – “If I Were Pregnant” Create list of questions to ask on Friday’s Teen Mom Visit (all students must ask at least one question) Collect money for thank you gifts.

More on Teen Pregnancy/Parenthood

Continue discussion from Friday: ž“If two people can’t talk about the possible consequences of having sex together, they are not ready for the level of involvement.” žDo you agree or disagree with the above statement? Why? Jessica’s Story (storyline from soap opera & discussion) 4 – Goodbye Kristen    

Family Vocab Review & Traditions

Review vocab sheet & text questions Quiz yourself on vocab by completing the Family Vocab Crossword STRONG FAMILIES-1v90wpu Reflect on traditions within your family (roots) and think ahead about what traditions you would like to continue with your future family (wings) Roots and Wings  (Roots & Wings is NOT for homework – you will have 15 minutes … [Read more…]