Parenting: Gender Roles

Bill of Rights Due – 4 – Unicef Child’s Rights-1fr0hz8 DIVIDING TASKS OF PARENTHOOD-xo8pv6 Discussion Video “Only a Man Can Do It”: Parent Interview: Due on Monday Parent Interview Online Form-17exzjj

Children’s Rights

Videos on Children’s Rights: Stolen Childhoods For Homework: think about what rights every child in the world should have. We will be working on a A Childs Bill of Rights Project Edublog PDF Form-y9honkon Thursday.  You should have the brainstorming completed on the back of the outline ready for Thursday. PROJECT DUE Friday, February 16th

Buddy Project Intro

Intro to Buddies: buddy-project Intro to tomorrow’s activity and lesson plan: Getting to Know My Buddy Lesson Plan Sample-plogk0 Sign up for a date to plan the activity (groups of 2) and brainstorm/research potential ideas. Use remainder of time to work on My Life’s Experiences (DUE THURSDAY)  

Children and Childhood

Use the textbook (The Developing Child) to complete: children-and-childhood-chapter-1-worksheet-online-form Use any and all extra time to complete your My Life’s Experiences Project (Due Thursday: you will share two experiences from your project to introduce yourself to the class)

My Life’s Experiences

INTRO TO PROJECT: My Life’s Experiences Edublog PDF Form-ukmb7z (must have all rough ideas by tomorrow) DETAILED PROJECT RUBRIC PDF-1djryz0 (full project due Thursday February 8 – we will each share two experiences with the class to continue to get to know one another better)