Scrapbook Page 1

Complete Buddy Journal. Please work on your first official scrapbook page today (does not include your title page). Your completed page should have a title, visual, and a written component. Be prepared to show it at the end of class for your social responsibility mark.  

Parenting: Gender Roles

Bill of Rights Due – 4 – Unicef Child’s Rights-1fr0hz8 DIVIDING TASKS OF PARENTHOOD-xo8pv6 Discussion Video “Only a Man Can Do It”: Parent Interview: Due on Monday Parent Interview Online Form-17exzjj

Siblings & Birth Order

Today we will look at typical personality patterns that exist in relation to birth order. birth-order birth-order-online-form Use the Relationships and Family Living text to complete the following: chapt-12-act-1-crossword chapt-12-act-3-worksheet-online-form BUDDY PREP: Kianna & Savannah

Children’s Rights

Videos on Children’s Rights: Stolen Childhoods For Homework: think about what rights every child in the world should have. We will be working on a A Childs Bill of Rights Project Edublog PDF Form-y9honkon Thursday.  You should have the brainstorming completed on the back of the outline ready for Thursday. PROJECT DUE Friday, February 16th