Test & Project Intro

Marriage/Weddings Unit Test is /65 (multiple choice and T/F) – TEST IS NEXT Wednesday Project Intro¬†Wedding Planning Assignment WeddingWire You will have 3 full classroom blocks to work on your budget and visual Try the website www.weddingwire.com as a great planning resource! Make sure each slide has a visual & pricing included FINAL SLIDE MUST … [Read more…]

History of Marriage

Complete Buddy Journal/BOWLING PERMISSION (NEXT THURSDAY) EXLEY BUDDY LETTERS DUE TODAY HISTORY OF MARRIAGE: History of Marriage Worksheet History of Marriage Text Work: We’ve Come A Long Way Baby Extra Time – work on Huston Buddy Letters (NEW DUE DATE: FRIDAY)

Senses in the First Year

SENSES: Senses¬† Senses Student Worksheet Toy Analysis Activity: Select a toy Analyze the toy to decide whether it is age appropriate & what areas of development it benefits – be specific – What can they physically learn from it? What can they intellectually learn from it? Does it help to stimulate the senses? Which ones? … [Read more…]