Family Unit Intro

My Thoughts on Family Discuss as a table and be prepared to share with the class: what was the most consistent/common answer & what statement was the biggest conversation starter. Married & Single Life Text Work: Chapter 10 P152 Testing Your Memory #1-4 Thinking Critically #1&3

Career Sign Up

Choose a career to study for the WHEN I GROW UP Outline (no doubles – sign up required) Schedule for completion: Wednesday – Research in lab Friday – Poster assembly Monday February 15th – in class career fair (project due)

Self Esteem Day 1

  Discuss results of Self-Concept vs Other’s View: – Are you harder on yourself than others were? – Were there drastic differences between your answers and those from others? – Biggest difference? – Similarities? – What is one thing mentioned that you didn’t realize about yourself? Do you believe in yourself quiz Mirror Mirror Activity

Hello world!

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