Scrapbook Page 1

Complete Buddy Journal. Please work on your first official scrapbook page today (does not include your title page). Your completed page should have a title, visual, and a written component. Be prepared to show it at the end of class for your social responsibility mark.  

Siblings & Birth Order

Today we will look at typical personality patterns that exist in relation to birth order. birth-order birth-order-online-form Use the Relationships and Family Living text to complete the following: chapt-12-act-1-crossword chapt-12-act-3-worksheet-online-form BUDDY PREP: Kianna & Savannah

Parenting Styles

Share, compare and discuss – Is today’s family unit stronger or weaker than that of the past? Parenting Styles: parenting Parenting Styles Worksheet: parenting-interactive-notes-online-form Handout: How Well Do You Know? (over the Family Day Weekend, quiz yourself and your parents on how well you know one another – DUE TUESDAY)

Family Unit Intro

INTRO: things-families-do Use a combination of your opinion, Chapter 19 of the Relationships and Family Living text, and the following article (families-in-changing-times) to complete the following worksheet: (DUE TOMORROW) families-worksheet-online-form Complete the following for Monday: how-well-do-you-know  

Me in a Bag/Scrapbook Intro

Finish Me in a Bag Presentations Intro to our Personal Scrapbook Outline Digital Option PDF Form-1y6tasu You will complete one page each Friday (during class time) and you will be required to show your progress at the end of the block for a social responsibility mark. Use today’s time to think about how you plan to … [Read more…]