My environmental infarction

Leaving the tap RUNNING

Use plastic bags

using light

Loss of species

Climate change

The thing is when the water keeps running I’m cleaning the house to make sure it is spot less and smell nice in the house so like cleaning more than anything.

I also use plastic bags for garbage and they help get rid of lots of trash In my house like when I’m cleaning my floors on the us of water but I also use plastic bags for my food so I don’t spill my food on the ground.

I use the lights to see in my house because my house is really dark so when people ask why the lights are on well I just say it helps see when I could be doing homework or hanging with my little bro or my older bro.

There are lots of species in the world and some we can’t loss we are losing food like cows we can’t let the population die or it could be a big disaster and then people could die from not enough food.

And yes its true are climate is really changing and it could also ruin the effects of how earth around us is changing some people think it will come to an end and some think positive but how is that possible the earth is really coming to an end earth is going to blow but people that think positive don,t it  just might haunt you.

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