Year end reflection

There things I learned was how to be a good at spoken word

On the thing I learned was about good poets

And I learned how to talk Shakespearean



My best thing in English nine was having a good teacher to help me pass the course


And how to succeed in English ten is to listen more and ask for help when I really need it


Three thing u spend money on

Clothing like jeans shirts swetters

Junk food like chips cookies

Movies and TV shows

List three thing I spend money on each month

Sweaters, jeans and shirts

Junk food and more junk

I don’t think I could save money but maybe put it in the bank


I could proboly save only five bucks in a month

Organizer about jone A McDonald

  1. Define and state the significance of each of the following (Horizons – Chapter 4 – pages 156-160):
Term Definition/Background Significance
Rupert’s Land Is owned by the land owners and they treat them work for hours  
Louis Riel They tried to make sure Canada rails got bilt  
Land surveyors There was something going to make Canada a better place  
Canada Party (page 155) And the through a party and that how Canada day happend  
Fort Garry They has a lot of work and McDonald didn’t stop until he won  
William McDougall So McDonald didn’t make no mistake and made sure his say went through


John Schultz    
Thomas Scott    
John A MacDonald    


  1. Sketch a caricature of the following historical figures from the Red River Rebellion and depict them as either good or bad based on their actions. Briefly explain the reasons why you would depict them this way:
Louis Riel

Part 4::

  1. Based on your findings in #1 above, would the Metis be satisfied with the Manitoba Act? Explain why or why not (think about quality and quantity of rights given):


  1. What is scrip? How was the process of attaining scrip made difficult? (Horizons – Chapter 5 – pages 167-168 and Collections Canada)


  1. What were the Laws of St Laurent? What happened to these laws and how was Lawrence Clarke involved? (Horizons – Chapter 5 – pages 169-172)




Part 5:

  1. Explain why whiskey was a growing problem for First Nations people in the Plains. (


  1. What are the reasons for the creation of the Northwest Mounted Police? (Horizons – Chapter 5 – pages 174-175)


  1. Sketch 3 different book covers for the Whiskey Peddler based on 3 different perspectives: Aboriginals, Americans, Canadians:
  2. Provide sketches here



Part 6:

  1. What are the reasons for the Aboriginals and Canada to enter into treaty negotiations?
Aboriginal Reasons Canada’s Reasons
They thought Canada was peaceful but I guess not Canada did not want anything but Canadians here


  1. What did the Aboriginals receive in Treaties 1-7 in exchange for giving up their rights to the land?
The got alcohol and just gave stuff away


  1. Make a questionnaire/poll with 3 questions about fairness that are analogies of the Aboriginal’s situation and the treaty agreements. You should not mention treaties or Aboriginals at all.

Provide your questions and explain the analogy’s connection to the Aboriginal situation with treaties:

Questions: Explain the Analogy:




Part 7:

  1. View the political cartoons in the image gallery and complete the following:
Title Describe Document Interpret




Part 8:

  1. Why did MacDonald develop the National Policy? (Horizons – Chapter 5 – pg 197)
He trys to get more funds to hold an election he gets help from sir Hugh Allan and he is rich so Macdonald gets 360.000so he wins


  1. Define each of the three parts of the National policy. For each case, state why MacDonald thought it would benefit Canada:
  Definition & how to get it done Benefits
Impose High Tariffs They made sure that the high tariffs on the ground  
Settle the West They tried to settal but it didn’t happen  
Build a Transcontinental Railway They were trying to build a rail way but they were in debt so they connected to Canada PEI is now apart of Canada




  1. What problems did the construction of the CPR encounter? How were these problems solved? (Route change? William Van Horne? Budget 1883?) (Horizons – Chapter 5 – 198-201)

My environmental infarction

Leaving the tap RUNNING

Use plastic bags

using light

Loss of species

Climate change

The thing is when the water keeps running I’m cleaning the house to make sure it is spot less and smell nice in the house so like cleaning more than anything.

I also use plastic bags for garbage and they help get rid of lots of trash In my house like when I’m cleaning my floors on the us of water but I also use plastic bags for my food so I don’t spill my food on the ground.

I use the lights to see in my house because my house is really dark so when people ask why the lights are on well I just say it helps see when I could be doing homework or hanging with my little bro or my older bro.

There are lots of species in the world and some we can’t loss we are losing food like cows we can’t let the population die or it could be a big disaster and then people could die from not enough food.

And yes its true are climate is really changing and it could also ruin the effects of how earth around us is changing some people think it will come to an end and some think positive but how is that possible the earth is really coming to an end earth is going to blow but people that think positive don,t it  just might haunt you.