My environmental infarction

Leaving the tap RUNNING

Use plastic bags

using light

Loss of species

Climate change

The thing is when the water keeps running I’m cleaning the house to make sure it is spot less and smell nice in the house so like cleaning more than anything.

I also use plastic bags for garbage and they help get rid of lots of trash In my house like when I’m cleaning my floors on the us of water but I also use plastic bags for my food so I don’t spill my food on the ground.

I use the lights to see in my house because my house is really dark so when people ask why the lights are on well I just say it helps see when I could be doing homework or hanging with my little bro or my older bro.

There are lots of species in the world and some we can’t loss we are losing food like cows we can’t let the population die or it could be a big disaster and then people could die from not enough food.

And yes its true are climate is really changing and it could also ruin the effects of how earth around us is changing some people think it will come to an end and some think positive but how is that possible the earth is really coming to an end earth is going to blow but people that think positive don,t it  just might haunt you.

How do cells multiply


While asexual reproduction only involves one organism sexual reproduction requires both a name and female

Some plants and unicellular organism reproduce asexual

Cell divide by fission budding or regeneration but some cells divide by meiosis

Mitosis has two rounds of genetic separation and cellular Davison while mitosis only has one of each. In meiosis  homologous chromosomes separate leading to daughter cells that are not genetically

Organism grow because they need to produces more organisms to make other plants and more animals

Pros and cons of asexual and sexual reproduction plants and animals use two different methods of reproduction to make sure that their species continues.Image result for asexual and sexual reproduction

First people principles of learning

vlearning-is-holistic-reflexive-reflective-experiential-and-relational-focused-on-connectedness-on-reciprocal-relationships-and-a-sense-of-place/There are kids learning many different ways out in those other schools but then there are kids that are being treated poorly because they have been beaten locked up and no one has called the police on people like that but then it ends well for them in a few years when they pass on  by thinking what they have done in the past


-Learning ultimately support the well-being of the self the family the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors

-Learning is holistic reflexive reflective experiential and relational focused on connectedness on reciprocal


Learning can see the way you act

Mutation story

Kristy is a really short person and she needs some help because she went to the doctor and found out she has turner syndrome and the doctor said she has a few hours to live and she was like oh no and then she tried to spend her last days with her son and she was like son I’m sorry I’m dyeing and the son said ok and he thought it was maybe a joke or something and she has heart defects and now she found out she had kidney failure and then she went for a quick journey and she found this antidote and then she drank it and she said oh well in dyeing and she said that she was feeling weird now she was like that was weird went back to the doctors and he tock an x-ray and said what happened to You I don’t know what happened to me you are cured m what ya something or somehow your cured but I had a syndrome that I could not get rid of yes I know but you got rid of it you got rid of it all and then she said how much will that be and he said nothing you id it all on your own and she said thanks doc I could not have done it without your help but now she realized that her skeletal was changing shape and she said I need more of that stuff and the doctor was wondering how nothing worked but je thought something worked but she tried to come back to the doctor but she crashed on her way back but she couldn’t and she was just sitting there hanging over a ledge lice came firefighters and an ambulance came and they slowly got her out of the car and tock her to the hospital and the next morning she past away from to much stress and she got put into a coffin and then they put her down in a hole and Justin went to go live with his dad the end

Edible DNA

screenshot_2016-12-09-12-11-27  what is DNA

DNA is cells in your body that are kinda alive but not fully alive and it is what you can do by helping your body by eating healthy and exercise and then to help your cells work

How dose it work

It make your appearance and the way you look like your eye coaler hair coaler and your body shape

Engineering brightness

-Media some thoughts?

Well we can help by giving them lights and maybe try to put a raise money for the people that don’t have lights or people that need help


-A summary of what you learned so far?

Well I learned that what I have is special because some people don’t have electricity and they don’t have clean water food so I would have loved to just give them lights in sted I’m talking on how bad it is on a power point.


-What are your groups plans to help address light poverty in Dominican Republic?

We are planning on using a power point and discussing on how bad it is and trying to get people to help in many different ways so then we can get them fresh lights so they can see at night time.

Science app

1 How dose the app help users build skills or learn contents?

Some apps are good because they can help us with detection my app helps you with internet problems and they just keep errs out of the way.


2 How intuitive is the app? Is it self-explanatory or dose it take a long time to figure out?

It tacks a wail because it is also used for many people because they are hearting the same thing like the environment


What innovative elements dose the app utilize?

The app helps you with many errs on the internet and it will just keep you going throw faster and more better then before.