Grizzly back in time

In 1980 a war started but then they started getting into the fur trade. Who started that was the Aboriginals so then they started making hats out of beaver fur. Then they thought what if we killed a bigger animal a fearless animal. Someone who wanted to end up killing a beast they called it but this one was not much of a beast because it was a baby after a few years it started getting bigger and they started to feed it and it was eating so much that they had to stop feeding it but the bear started eating the bad potatoes. It got really mad so it started attacking people it only killed two people but then they started shooting at it and then it ran towards the forest and then they sent a few solders but they found them dead the next morning and then they did not know what to do so they decided to try and track it down and then they need help but it was an Irishman and an aboriginal man and a black women as the slave no one would help either one of them so the just continued their journey but could not find a good way to keep them alive so the found a little hole to sleep in so they did and after they claimed out and the bear was waiting right there for them and the Aboriginal got grabbed by the bear and started getting pulled apart and the black women was crying and the Irish man got them safely away and they encountered two Wight people and they asked can you help me or us out we are in and they asked what is wrong and they said … and one of the Wight people got pulled into the black forest and then they found a town but the law people were burning homes and they tried to save people’s homes but the law said that they did not pay rent and the people that burned the houses they went onto the forest and the Bear attacked the horse but the horse did not die from being attacked is was start old and had a heart attack but as that was happening the two horsemen ran to get away and as that was happening the bear was sniffing them out and then it started raining and they found a little hut in the woods and they said lets go sleep in there and they did not know that there were poachers looking to go and kill the bear there was jack Alice and Reggie and the other people that came into the cabin and said we need help and jack said yes there is a killer bear chasing you and the slave said yes how did you know and Alice said we made it what it is and then then they said you killed two people and we took the fall for it and they said well can always get what you want now can you and she said yes we cant now leave this cabin ya we better leave this cabin this women might Call her bear buddy to eat or just kill us as they said that the bear came charging in throw the door jack and Alice ran for their life and the bear killed Reggie and the slave women but Janis and Brews was ok so there are only four people that can stop this monstrosity and then the aboriginals are scared the Irish need help and the slave owners are in the hospital and then all the slaves found their way to Canada by using the Underground Railroad and finally they excerpted the Irish from who they are they realized that we need more people in this world because fewer every year die because like us we are getting eaten by animals and he is a fuse animal this bear is like shadow of death and came back to hunt us from the dead and end up killing each other   and now the four of us need to help each other (no not after you left us in the cabin to die and you should help us to help each other out the we can go our separate ways and then just get the hell out of here and then we can finely kill that bear for sell products of it away and get more things off of it ow know we forgot about the bear and it has just found us Alice tries to get away but the bear chewed her leg off and also the bear is attracted by the blood and then it takes her a long time because they need to find food because no one wants them around so they found an a hatch and they opened it except they left it open and the bear came into the Underground Railroad and they brought it down to because they are used to help indecent slaves and you are not well she is and he is weird so many slaves out of there cage there master won’t be pleased wait look behind you are you stupid no there’s a bear behind you no there is not yes there is and he got him killed him right there now there could have been five of us I’m a black Irishmen how is that possible Alice and jack are getting out of the way and they let the bear attack the black people and then they are still alive just barely enough life in her and then jack got swiped at his face and he has a hole scratch on his face and then they saw a boat they ran for it and they went on it but the bear swam and bit a hole in the boat and then they swam back and the black women got pulled under and she was missing her head the black Irish man was so sad he said I’m going with her and die in vane trying to save her and he said don’t be an idiot and swim toward land (NO IM DIEING WITH HER) and then he went as well Alice and jack are still alive but for how long so they kept going and then they found another boat it was a police officer and they had no clue where he was but the bear came out and then they saw where he was in the bears mouth and bleeding from his neck and they went for the boat and then decided that they saw gas and the circled the bear and lit it on fire and the guy said waw I’m burning up and the bear came out of the flames and then they found a spear and stabbed it but well that was happening Alice lost to much blood and she died later there was only one servicer jack

The end

Edible DNA

screenshot_2016-12-09-12-11-27  what is DNA

DNA is cells in your body that are kinda alive but not fully alive and it is what you can do by helping your body by eating healthy and exercise and then to help your cells work

How dose it work

It make your appearance and the way you look like your eye coaler hair coaler and your body shape