Battle of ypres

Battle of Ypres
October 30th
November 24th cs

More then 100,000 casualty

• British French Belgian there troops where way out numbered be the German forces.
• The German forces were trying to get the English channel.
• After 34 days they ended up in the trenches that got field with water.
• They used a lot of different types of weapons like.
• Grenades
• Underground mining
• Artillery and mortars
• Machine guns
• Poison gas
• Rifles
• Tanks And Armoured Vehicles
• That is just a few weapons there was still more

Belgian and French and English together lot eighty thousand and fifty army men lost.
1. That’s more than port coqitlem.

2. And also Canada had a roll in the second war against the same German war men Canada moved there troops through and helped Ypres fight the Germans and beat them so they can live in peace and live in Harmony.
3. They needed to flank the troops so they can get attack both ways to beat the Germans so they have a better chance of beating them.

There was a blood bath between the Germans and the British, French, Belgian there was so many killed and there was about 40 thousand injured the Canadian did a big favour for Belgian but they could have done more Canadians even provided food for them so they could live.