1.2 Investigating Matter

Molly Schmidt
Science 9

1.2 investigating Matter

During 1.2 investigating matter I learned many things. I learned what takes up space and has weight is called mass. The thing with all matter starting out with one state, means that they can change states. The way I remember the changes of the states, and what they are called is making up a song for them. There are 6 changes of matter, solid to liquid (melting), liquid to solid (freezing), liquid to gas (vaporization), gas to liquid (condensation), solid to gas (sublimation), and gas to solid (deposition). The theory of particles (atoms, molecules ) all are which in random constant motion and are always moving is called the kinetic molecular theory. And lastly we did a lab called “bag of change” we learned when you mix random chemicals together you can get a reaction of so,e sort for example the chemicals we added together became a different colour and started to change temperature.