Persuasive Essay – Pro Technology

Technology is a blessing and has done so much for our society that we would crumble without it. As one looks around, technology is strongly involved within our day to day lives, creating a world that revolves around it. As you sit at home the average person is usually doing something with technology. Whether that’s watching TV, on your phone or handheld device. Technology is a blessing due to its medical and educational purposes, making easy accessibility towards communication, and its ways of creating relationships. As the year’s progress so many amazing medical discovers have been revealed, and keep being revealed as the years go on. states that, “Technology has carved out a society where patients can have better treatment, better recovery, and improved lives.” Due to technology, doctors can save millions of lives globally. Educationally, the world has become more knowledgeable from ways of using sources, to open the mindset towards enlightening oneself through technology. One can see this from how it is used within the classroom. Students have access to an incredible amount of information just at their fingertips, making work easier and more advanced with updated information. From 10 kilometers away to 5000 kilometers away, or even from the other side of the world, we are able to communicate with people just at a click of a button. Individuals can never lose touch with someone or can reach anyone whenever they want, just by picking up their phone or chatting online. From communicating with others, many new relationships are created through sources such as social media. Finding new friends or partners, just by viewing a profile that describes a person you may have never met if it wasn’t for technology. With that all said, get out there, explore the world in a different way through a screen, and become a more educated and well-connected person by the means of technology. Without technology in our lives, so many things wouldn’t be the way they were today, and so many people wouldn’t know what was happening throughout the world in such depth. Technology is a blessing, and even if you haven’t realized it, you should now.