Silent Film Narrative Assignment

The Big Hungry Working Wolf

A wolf washes a window and sees sheep inside.

He gets excited to apply and renew his pride.

He plots his execution on how to eat the sheep.

He is approached by a worker who he isn’t happy to meet.

She shows him a new type of food.

He tries it and it changes his mood.

He makes an effort to fit in,

but the sheep still see him as a sin.

He eventually becomes a nice dude,

until he realizes he ran out of food.

He couldn’t help the smell,

And it was becoming his living hell.

The aroma took over and the sheep’s life were now a loss,

Until he came face to face with his boss.

He apprehends that he wasn’t a part of the team,

because it was all in a dream.

He realizes he lost all his friends,

and stumbles upon an office of hens.



Molly, Savannah, Abbie, Noah