DOAS Monologues

The following is an example I created of a monologue for the character of Happy from “Death of a Salesmen.”

Happy: I am a 32-year-old man, who can’t seem to find my place in this world yet. I want so much but don’t know where to start. All I want is my own apartment, my own car and plenty of women. As I get older I’m starting to feel extremely lonely. One could find me physically attractive due to my built. I feel as that’s all I got going for me, women and my looks. My father has made me believe that success comes from being well-liked. I have always felt like the second picked child towards my father, this being from my brother biff’s achievements in life, even though I have a successful job and Biff doesn’t, he won’t look at me the same. I feel like I  always am trying to please my father. But now with my father’s mind becoming lost, I’m starting to fade away from the fact that he has any connections towards me.


This is a monologue because Happy is speaking to someone (Biff) about his feelings without being interrupted by the listener.


This monologue would fit into the current plot when Biff and Happy were having a conversation together about their lives in their bedroom.