Foods 12: Food Waste Plan

Recently, my family and I have learned to recycle food and it has changed our living style. Before, we would put our left over foods in the trash because there was no other option of recycling foods. Moreover, we (my family and I) were just too lazy to do anything about it. We realized that putting the left over foods created some bugs inside our trash cans, as a result, we had to wash it every week. This “job” is discussing and gross. Thinking of those bugs gives me chills every single time.

In addition, we weren’t aware until of the idea of recycling foods to save our planet. We continue this lifestyle of placing compostable food in the trash until our complex created a food compost system. A food compost truck come every Friday to pick all the container from each townhouse. As a result, we started with our complex because we knew we were guilty of placing foods in the trash. Because of the help from our complex, my family and I are a able to the compost and stop cleaning our our trash can.

In another topic, in school, I usually don’t have food to compost but have seen many students who put foods in the trash can instead of placing their left over in the compost bin. I believe that most students are aware of the cause and effect of composting foods. As a result, these students are technically hurting the environment of our planet.

I believe that we, as a school community, should bring provide more information towards the students because if we show the cause and effect of composting foods, we can improve our environment a little more. An example of a way we can provide information is to place posters around the schools, just like how we put posters about bullying, around the school. Moreover, we can also have a competition in RAP to see who can compost their food the most just like our Pep rally.


In conclusion, my family and I now understand how to compost foods and believe that demonstrating to others the cause and effect that can occur in our society through composing food.

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  1. Outstanding work, Max! You have done a great job identifying areas and elaborating on them.

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