A Place at he Table Movie Response

After watching the movie, I was shocked to hear the number about the food insecurity. I have heard and seen many video about this topic, however, after watching the movie and seeing the big numbers, I feel that we as a group needs to work harder to stop the starvation within our society.

The information about the government not doing anything about poverty was extremely hard to watch. Every president of America has said something about poverty but have not done anything about it. It was only president Obama who have actually done something within the other presidents that were elected. The numbers were gradually grew higher, however, as it hit Obama, it number did not shift that much because of his effort to change America in general. I am very interested to see what will happen in the future with president Trump because I believe that he will not make any changes but make it worst.

If I were the president, I would put some effort by giving a higher minimum wages and have a better education system because it is very obvious that the current education system in the United-States is not working. Every year, the amount of students who are dropping out in high school is getting worst. I believe that if we find a better way to teach these students to learn in a matter they will learn and enjoy studying, the number of drop outs will decrease and they will have a better employ and will end starvation in that region.

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