Indigenous Food Map Reflection

Some guiding questions:

During this project, I have learned different cultures that were part of Canada (locally) and understood more about their foods. For example, I have learned that most of our tribes were very close to the river, therefore, some groups made salmon. In addition, there were few groups that used berry (our group) to create a dish that was created in the past. Our group made blackberry tarts because Kwikwetlem first nation had in touch with berries, therefore, was very popular dish that they made. I enjoyed this assignment because this project made us reflect on the first nation tribes and appreciate them for sharing their land. Moreover, Learning ways to cook their traditional food was very enjoying as it made me want to create some different other dishes due to interest. We had some issues along the way, for example, we had to work two times harder because one of our group member was not in class, or their were not Saskatoon berries for our dish and we had to replace it with blackberries. Another issue that we over come was the dough problem where we did not have enough for the tart, however, we were able to recover by making another batch and combining both together to have a perfect fix. Although I believe that other groups’ dishes were wonderful, I still believe that our group was the better one because we were able to finish in time, it was sweet and sour at the same time, and our custard was just on point. Therefore, I believe that our groups’ dish was the best for this assignment.

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